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Monday, August 11, 2008

Beijing Summer Olympics...

Summer Olympics 2008 is held in China, Beijing. What a fantastic opening night ceremony. An excellent job done by the country of china. It was their first time to handle an Olympic game and it's so memorable to them.

The Olympics 2008 were participated by different countries around the world. Like France, Brazil, Poland, Netherlands, Russia, Republic of Georgia, Canada, China, Japan, USA and so many other countries.

I had a great time watching every games. Like gymnastics, fencing, volleyball, basketball and swimming. The Americans got the gold record for swimming especially Michael Phelps who won the 400 IM swimming competition. And also a basketball finals between USA and China. I never thought that all players in basketball were NBA players. Huh! Well, it's an Olympic game all best players will be send to represent their own country. Two NBA players I've known who played were Kobe Bryant and Lebron James. Finally USA won the victory scores 101 versus China's scores 70.

It's beautiful to watch the different countries around the world with peace in their hearts. No wars at all. When i looked at the two players from Russia and the Republic of Georgia they were not affected in the on going war that happened to their countries. Their still kissed and hugged each other after the game.

What a wonderful world if all countries in the world will unite instead of wars.

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