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Saturday, January 21, 2023

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Sunday, July 03, 2022

Chopping Boards - Plastic vs Wood


Wood absorbs more liquids and can be dangerous for bacteria growth. Meats for plastic chopping board and wooden is ideal for fruits and vegetables.

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Friday, January 21, 2022

Run To Exit and Pursue Good Health

Under the weather, I am reminded of the ten factors to good health (listed below). I realized I was a bit remiss of items lately, and still, others need my intentionality. Check yours.
1. NUTRITIOUS FOOD. Generally, plant-based food sources are ideal. Avoid all forms of processed food, pork, slow on chicken. Cut on sugar, all forms of sugar. Sugar feeds and extends the life of free radicals in our bodies.
2. WATER. At least 3 liters for females and 5 liters for males daily. Avoid cold water. Room temperature or lukewarm is suitable. Taking 2-4 glasses of water before breakfast is said to help regulate blood pressure. (If you have Kidney issues, consult with your doctor on this)
3. SLEEP. Completing a five cycle of sleep (or 90 mins per cycle) is already good. However, 8-10 hours of sleep is still best recommended. However, it is not just the number of hours of sleep that matters, but the time when we OUGHT to be asleep. We should be asleep by 9 pm. The liver will only detoxify when the person is in deep slumber. And it usually happens between 11 pm - 3 am.
4. EXERCISE. Heart pumping exercise is advised for the oxygen to reach the cellular level. (if you have comorbidity issues, consult with your doctor on this)
5. CLEAN AIR. Go to the beach or a place full of trees at least once a week. Do the breathing exercise--inhale a considerable amount of air and release (exhale) slowly through your mouth.
6. SUNLIGHT. The human body has a built-in vitamin D but gets activated only when exposed to sunlight. So a 10-15 minutes exposure is ideal between 6 am, and 9 am.
7. FAITH IN GOD. It recognizes that you are NOT in control, but God is and will always be. So if things do not go your way or are too much to handle, your heart can rest by faith, trusting God to work things out. And the tension will ease away. Warning: Control-driven people most likely develop stress-related illnesses.
8. FORGIVENESS. Bitterness is poison not just to the soul but also to the physical body. Unforgiveness increases the presence of free radicals. No amount of anti-oxidants could stop the destructive effect of bitterness. On the other hand, when we forgive genuinely, we develop an attitude of humility and thankfulness.
9. CHEERFULNESS. It signals the brain to release more dopamines (happy hormones). And it relaxes the muscles. Cheerfulness is more of an attitude rooted in one's faith in God, not just some fun happenings that emits laughter.
10. BENEVOLENCE. Humans, by default, are selfish. But when we begin to recognize that we are here for a purpose to serve others, we will find meaning in our existence. A case in point is mothers. Notedly, mothers seldom get sick. Nursing and nurturing moms are usually strong and healthy, from childbearing to childrearing. By the grace of God, may His wisdom will fill us every day. May He strengthen us to choose suitable, beneficial, or promote a healthy lifestyle for God's glory. ------- *Note: from my post entitled "RUN TO EXIT AND PURSUE GOOD HEALTH!", "as gathered mainly from the health talks of Dr. Myrna Catibog" and other medical doctors turned naturalists advocates as well as some of my readings.

Contributor: Ruby S. Badoy

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Friday, August 27, 2021

Discover Above and Beyond

Going out of your comfort zone might not be easy.

Discovering who you are ABOVE and BEYOND! 

You might be surprised by what you can do.


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Friday, November 06, 2020

Online Selling in the New Normal


Everyone was not ready for the pandemic – the busy life that we have been used to suddenly stopped. Losing jobs, closing businesses, canceled flights; we all didn’t see this coming. Some people started to panic while some are doing all possible means to survive.

            According to the recent record of the Department of Labor and Employment in the Philippines, 40% of Filipino workers lost their job, 25% of them are mostly from hotels and restaurants that shut down and 15% are from small businesses. For some that have been jobless found a new start and that is online selling.  Almost everything now is available on social media - from medical supplies such as face shields and face masks to food delicacies and even plants. Online grocery shopping also is now booming since it’s very dangerous to go to the market because of the rising number of the virus positive cases every day. Business establishments that were closed also found a new way to reach their customers and that is through online selling. They just post their products on social media and deliver it right to their customer’s doorstep. The lockdown in the country is a major factor why there was a rise in Filipino online sellers - may it be a small-time seller or a big one.

During the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) in the Philippines, Filipinos are not allowed to go outside their houses – that is when online selling became a total hit. Customers won’t have to go out to buy whatever they want, all they have to do is log in to social media and transact with the seller, the seller then contacts an authorized rider to deliver the order of the customer and the customer will pay it upon delivery. Contactless delivery is also available, where customers use their credit or debit cards to pay the seller and when the rider delivers their order, they will just leave it in a certain place. In this way, the rider and the buyer won’t have any contact which made most Filipino customers at ease and feel safe.

Online transactions didn’t stop after ECQ, it continued even after the lockdown most especially that some Filipinos are already back to work and they already have money to spend shopping. Another factor why it continued to be a hit is because of the upsurge of Filipinos that work from home who do not have time to go out anymore and finds it more convenient to order online. Apart from social media platforms, numerous online shopping applications in the Philippines have been very useful as well such as Lazada, Shopee, Foodpanda, Grabfood, etc. Online selling is a big help because malls were closed for a long time.

There were success stories of Filipinos who have been laid off from work but started selling various products online and now earning much higher than their salary before. Using social media as a platform for reaching customers has been proven effective and safe. Online selling may already be normal to other countries but not in the Philippines – not until this year. Online selling proved that the pandemic will not hinder anyone from gaining income. This just shows that as humans we never stop to be hopeful in whatever challenges we may face.


Contributor/Article by: JC  
Edited by: NjA 
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Monday, April 10, 2017


            Delicious and nutritious combination of oatmeal and orange juice. You can add raisins and a dash of ground cinnamon into your cooked oatmeal and it is a big "No" to add a regular milk into your oatmeal if you eat it together with the orange juice. Milk and orange juice doesn't blend well. Just put water when you cook the oatmeal.

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Monday, March 20, 2017

The Spring Has Sprung

Be_On_Board! ☔🌈🌞


Baby Animals
Easter Egg Hunt
Resurrection Celebration  

Lake Picnic in the Park

Green Grass
Lawn Mower
Four Wheeler
Pretty Flowers, Trees and Leaves  

Theme Parks
Amusement Parks  

Open Windows
Cold Ice Cream
Warm Sunshine
Rain Drops and Raincoats  

Evening Walks
Motorcycle Ride
Mountain Hiking
Water Falls
Sky Diving and Zip Line
River Rafting, Kayaking and Tubing

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Friday, August 19, 2016

5 Basic Kitchen Rules

1. If you EMPTY it - - - FILL it.

2. If you DIRTY it - - - CLEAN it.

3. If you OPEN it - - - CLOSE it. 

4. If you SPILL it - - - WIPE it up.

5. If you COOK it - - - SHARE it.

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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Organic Coconut Chocolate Cake

Most of the time when I want to try something new and explore recipes online I usually based it on the reviews. I tried and it works! I made few changes of the ingredients of this recipe. I add on a little bit of water ¼ of a cup and I am using organic coconut flour, pure cane sugar and sometimes I’m using 100% cacao chocolate bar for baking.

The reviews are pretty good. It’s delicious! You might want to try someday. The original recipe can be found in here:


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