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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

The Rise of Plant Enthusiasts during the Pandemic


        The pandemic caused many disruptions in peoples' lives - closed businesses, canceled trips, lockdown, and many more. Yet, people are anxious to move on with their lives. As for today, let us set aside the negative impact of the pandemic on people. Instead, we will take a quick look at some of the positive outcomes.

          One of the effects of quarantine was that it brought families closer. Before the pandemic, it was hard to gather families together because of the busy schedule at work or school. However, when the door of a busy life closed, the window for rekindling family relationships opened. Another impact of lockdowns is that people focused on new hobbies. In the Philippines, along with the rise of virus cases, is the upsurge of what we call "Plantitos or Plantitas." These are people who love to collect and nurture plants.


          Having plants at home is said to be good for our mental health. It is undeniably relaxing to see different kinds of plants in and around our homes. Plants can also help keep the temperature balanced. Taking care of plants is also helpful in reducing anxiety. Most of us are anxious about our current situation as to what is going on with the world. 

          But when we are busy with plants, it becomes a great way to keep our sanity. Those who were jobless found themselves preoccupied with growing flowers, which seems suitable for their mental health. It gives them a sense of fulfillment once they see the flowers they planted in full bloom. In addition to this, being a Plantito and Plantita made them broaden their circle and gain new connections. Since a growing number of Filipinos find this hobby interesting, it became more relatable among communities. Some even found new friends by sharing their experiences in growing their plants. At the same time, others could use their new skills for "bartering" and as a source of income. Filipinos who have a lot of rare plants seem to have the highest gross income and have one of the most saleable products in the market.


        Plant enthusiasts make the world more pleasant despite the circumstances in which we have now. Growing plants has proven to effectively free us from the anxiety that this pandemic has caused.

Contributor/Article by: JC 

Edited by: NjA 
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