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Sunday, May 08, 2022

Insightful Words


Something To Ponder In Life

"Be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle.  
And if you really want to see what people are,  
all you have to do is look." - Auggie Pullman, Wonder Book -

"Your Deeds Are Your Monuments"

"It's not enough to be friendly. 
You have to be a friend."

"Courage. Kindness. Friendship. Character. 
These are the qualities that define us human beings, 
and propel us, on occasion, to greatness."

----- R. J. Palacio, Wonder Book -- Author ----

NjA Art & Photography

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Childbirth in the New Normal

When a woman gives birth, it is a joyful event. The roller coaster ride of pregnancy is finally over. The feeling of seeing your baby for the first time is ecstatic. Yet, little did we know that giving birth requires so much preparation may it be physicallymentally, and financially.



This year was tough for the fact that the virus is existing. The pandemic changed the accustomed lives of the people that includes delivering a baby. Before the pandemic, giving birth is a smooth sailing process. The pregnant woman goes to the hospital and will be waiting in the labor room until her cervix is fully dilated. She will be in the delivery room where there is plenty of staff. Once the baby is out, the mother is ready to be transferred to her chosen accommodation – ward, semi-private room, or private room. If there are no complications with the baby, the baby joins the mother in the room accommodation. Relatives and friends of the woman who gave birth will then visit the hospital whenever they want to congratulate the mother and welcome the baby. However, this child delivery routine changed a whole lot this year.


In this pandemic time, childbirth is much more complicated and expensive. Physicians, nurses, and other medical staff that will assist the patient are required to wear a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at all times. This personal protective gear is being charged to the patient’s bill. Another thing that makes childbirth complicated and expensive is because hospitals now require rapid test/ swab tests for everyone who is trying to get admitted. Swab test in the Philippines costs 3,500-6,500 per head. If the person shows signs of fever and cough, then there is a big possibility that the hospital will reject you and transfer you to a Covid isolation facility while waiting for your swab test result to come out. So, imagine being pregnant going through labor and in isolation, is such a hassle? Bills in the hospital are also much higher now because of sanitation costs. For example, in one hospital in the Philippines - the ward package before the pandemic was just 14,000 pesos, but recently it has been raised to 16,000 pesos. All these factors are the reason why most pregnant women prefer to give birth in lying in’s instead than in the hospital because it is much cheaper and not that risky.


Even though the process seems to be different now than what we have been used to, we have no choice but to go along, for it is part of the new normal. Pregnant women are one of those vulnerable sectors that are much affected by this pandemic. Giving birth at this time is much riskier than before. One should prepare in all aspects.



Contributor/Article by: JC 
Edited by: NjA 
NjA Art 
Photography: Kelvin Octa 
(free to use photo - no attribution required but prefer to give credits to the website and artist for their expertise)

Friday, July 31, 2020

The Road We Take

The Road We Take

Different faces,
Different journey.
What would be the best route?

Sometimes it’s rough, with lots of rust.
Sometimes we feel like we are falling apart,
Just let it swing for a moment.
Sometimes it’s smooth, straight, and hassle-free life.

There are uncontrollable situations,
And we feel like we could no longer handle the situation.
Whatever it is, just keep going.
In the midst of it, brighter days ahead are waiting.

Some people may and will try to knock you down,
Don’t be discourage. They are part of the spices in life.
Remember hardships, frustrations, and failures are part of growing up.

If you quit today, there would be no more tomorrow.
So just hang in there,
Be your self and believe in yourself,
Have faith that you can do amazing, wonderful things,
Hope for the best,
Pray without ceasing,
Trust your gut and instinct,
Keep on trying,
Be confident in the right way,
Continue to be kind and loving,
Be surprised with those pleasant surprises,
Don’t forget to remember those triumphs in your life,
Acknowledge, utilize your strengths, and stay focus.

…and don’t forget you and I are perfectly and wonderfully made by our Creator
His plans and His will are ALWAYS THE BEST routes to take with!

1st Published @ 2014 written by the owner of this website
Article Edited July 31, 2020 by the owner of this website